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The Art of Leading

Terry Gurno is an inspirational speaker, trainer and coach.  He's also an author, working on his first book, The Art of Leading: How to Bring Greatness out of Those You Lead.

Terry draws upon his 30 years of leadership experience to bring inspiring, actionable messages to audiences.  He teaches people the art of leadership with his fun and engaging style.

Terry is a speaker, trainer, and coach dedicated to helping leaders win.  He believes that greatness lies within each person, and it's the leader's job to bring it out of them.

Terry also produces a weekly blog post called "Monday Mindset"--designed to inspire, encourage, and challenge you to think differently for greater results.

Terry lives in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho with his wife Nancy.

What Others Are Saying...


What a great seminar you did Terry!  “The Art of Leading - how to bring greatness out of those you lead” was so informative and packed with great strategies!

What great insights and acumen you shared with great stories and examples to illustrate your message so clearly. One of my favorite nuggets that I took away from this great seminar is that a winning culture can be our best competitive advantage!  It is so important in today’s competitive world. I sure look forward to having you back and learning more.  

- Trudi Kuhn, Trainer | Coach

Terry Gurno delivers a life changing message!  He spoke to our group of small business owners about motivating and leading a team.  He immediately drew the group in with questions that made us dig deep and think about our role in leading our teams.   His style draws the audience in and stimulates honest conversation.  I highly recommend Terry Gurno.

- Christi Houser, Country Financial

Your session, “The Art of Leading”:  How to Bring Greatness Out in Others”, contributed greatly to our Empowerment Summit.  You delivered valuable content on motivating others and the real life stories you included touched the hearts of the audience.  I could observe that the audience was fully engaged as you are authentic in delivering a powerful message.   The survey reviews from participants were excellent. I look forward to working with you in the future.

- Eldonna Shaw, Former President and CEO Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce

Terry spoke at our Vision breakfast.  He was engaging, inspiring, and motivated us  into action.  He exceeded our expectations!

- Dennis Ranch, OP Keller Williams Realty Puget Sound

I can see why your business continues to grow as you are an Olympic sized thinker and care about developing others.

- Jody, Country Financial

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Boeing Management Association

Ackerman Heating & Air  Conditioning

Country Financial

PAML Spokane WA

Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce

Keller Williams Federal Way WA