Why We Do It

What do you love?  This question changed the trajectory of my life.  I enjoyed working with a great company, but my heart wasn’t in it.  This question really shook me. I didn’t know the answer.  For years, I over used that word - love - and in that moment, I couldn’t answer.

I didn’t like the feeling of not knowing.  It was like a pit in my stomach.  It haunted me. I kept asking myself the question. I started writing things down.  Two weeks later my list was a page and a half. I kept refining it, reaching for the heart of what I loved.  When I was done this is what was left: Helping people win!

Growing up with learning disabilities I believed I was stupid.  My father was an alcoholic. He abused us and abandoned our family when I was 10.  I graduated from high school with very little confidence and no direction.  I pretended everything was okay. My friend’s parents, employers, and coaches told me I had “potential” but I didn’t know what they saw or why they said it.

When I was 20, a mentor, Bob, asked me “What do you want to do?”  I answered with the most impossible thing I could think of, “Go to college.” He told me, “Then go, because you’re smart enough and you can do it.”  Bob gave me hope.

Key people in my life helped me recognize talents and abilities I didn’t see in myself.  They challenged me to do things I wanted to do, but didn’t believe I could, helping me see in myself what I couldn’t see on my own.  My personal challenges, struggles, and failures, and the people who stepped in to help, coach, and inspire me gave me the courage to face my fears, overcome my doubts, and live the life I was born to live.

Individuals and businesses are dealing with a lack of clarity, feelings of uncertainty, and the sense of being stuck.  I know that feeling.  I don’t tell people what winning is to them. I ask them and then help them create the clarity and strategy they need to win.

When someone looks at me now and they say, “I was really discouraged and now I feel hope.” Then, when I see their hope become a reality, I know I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to do.  I’m living my WHY, my mission.  That’s feels pretty darn good.  I love helping people WIN!